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Follow UsHave you ever felt as though there was no place online where you could go and find information that was relevant to your profession? It is a feeling that many asphalt workers go through. We would know – we have been in that position before. There was a time when we would go online […]

Asphalt Worker Tips: Filing Workers Comp Claims

Follow UsWorking in a physically demanding industry can be very fulfilling. But it also comes with a set of challenges that workers must go through every year. If you are new to the asphalt paving industry, you may not be aware of these challenges. It is why we created a section to provide tips to […]

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Comparing Concrete and Asphalt for Driveways

It is always a challenge to choose a new material for a driveway. Whether it is a residence or a commercial site, there are quite a few options available to consumers. But it normally comes down to two of the most affordable and mainstream choices: asphalt or concrete. What is the best surface? How can […]

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Four Tips for Nailing Your Job Interview in Construction

No matter how many times you have been on a job interview, it is always nerve wracking. You are meeting new people for the first time. And you must impress them with your personality and your work ethic. It is a tough challenge, especially if you are desperate for a job. We have four tips […]

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