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Have you ever felt as though there was no place online where you could go and find information that was relevant to your profession? It is a feeling that many asphalt workers go through. We would know – we have been in that position before. There was a time when we would go online to try and find out more about our profession. How could we get ahead? How did workers connect with each other?

It is unfortunate that many of that information was not available. But we took steps to change that. We decided to create one of the first community sites for asphalt workers. If you work for an asphalt paving contractor in Xenia we believe that you will get a lot of use out of our site. Not only can you learn more about the profession, but it is a place where people can talk about their questions and concerns.

There are so many asphalt companies in Xenia and each of them operates in a slightly different way. But all asphalt workers have things in common. We share common experiences. It is so helpful when you can come online and talk with other workers who are going through the same things. It is the reason we created our community forums. There are multiple sections on the forums for people to post about various topics.

We want our readers to feel a part of the community. We always encourage submissions and comments on the forums. We also have a comments section for each article, allowing people to share their views and input on a story we run. We try to focus our news stories on the issues that are impacting asphalt workers. There are many sites that focus on the asphalt contractors in Xenia. We want to keep the workers front and center when it comes to this site.